Sing Ho! Stout Cortez

Michael W. Thomas presents Sing Ho! Stout Cortez, a blend of novellas and stories. You are invited to an online launch event starting at 4pm Sunday 12 December 2021, you can see full details and, on the day, a link to the event here. From big picture to the smallest detail, these are compelling journeys through lives and places, studies of the human heart in all its richness.

Sing Ho - front cover

About Sing Ho! Stout Cortez:

All of these pieces were written between 2014 and 2020. The earliest, Esp, was shortlisted for the UK Novella Award, 2015, and enlarges on the experiences of Henderson Bray, first encountered in ‘Misshapes from Cadbury’s’ in Thomas’s story collection The Portswick Imp.

Ted Eames, poet, traveller, member of the Borders Poetry Writing Group, and cover designer for Sing Ho! Stout Cortez, considers this ‘… a wonderfully entertaining collection of novellas and short stories in Sing Ho! Stout Cortez. Thomas has the rare ability to combine good, satisfying storytelling with a poet’s judicious eye for the telling phrase and the vivid metaphor. He is especially skilled in the use of convincing dialogue between the various characters we meet. This collection, which takes the reader from familiar places to the Caribbean island of Grenada, is full of fine writing and rewarding, witty tales that warm us with their deft humanity.’
Ted Eames

Order your copy of Sing Ho! Stout Cortez, by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ link below.

Please note: we are unable to despatch to destinations outside the UK.

UK only £8 +P&P



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