Kevin Brooke

Worcestershire-based author Kevin Brooke’s lastest YA novel will be here soon, ‘The Objectors’: Samarah, Ethan and Ellie-Mae each have a different reason to object, they refuse to toe the line, won’t sign the contract, they defy the elite regime and face up to the synthetic warriors. 

‘Jimmy Cricket’ is about a troubled teenager who finds solace in playing cricket – it’s a gripping read. ‘Max and Luchia–The Game Makers’ is for young readers of 7-11 (but everyone will love it) ‘takes you on a magical journey into an online game invented by the imagination of Max & Luchia.’

To find details of Kevin’s latest book ‘The Objectors’ click here. For ‘Max and Luchia–the Game Makers’ click here and for ‘Jimmy Cricket’ click here

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