Roz Levens

Roz Levens’ debut novel ‘Pack of Lies’ was launched via Zoom 24 June 2020. Keep up to date with Roz on her writerly page on Facebook:  Roz Levens —writer

Pack of Lies - Front Cover

To pre-order your copy:

UK P&P: btn_buynowCC_LG

Non-UK P&P: btn_buynowCC_LG

Roz’s Quiz—deadline 6 July 2020send your answers to in a Word document by 6 July 2020winners announced 7 July 2020

1st prize
Name a character for the next book
2nd prize
Feature in a short story written just for you (Note: Roz is not promising to be nice!)
3rd prize
The recipe to Roz’s much-coveted banana and cranberry loaf…

1.What’s the maximum punishment for bigamy in the UK?

a) Six months

b) Up to seven years

c) Two mothers-in-law

d) All of the above

2.Sara flies from Birmingham to Alicante. How long should the flight take?

a) Two hours

b) Two hours 20

c) Two hours 40

d) Three hours

3.How many glasses of wine are drunk throughout the course of the story?

a) Six

b) Fourteen

c) 22

d) Lots more than that—that Wendy’s a bit of a lush.

4.Roz got the idea for the story while she was in a pottery class. She made a chicken. Is it called…

a) Henrietta

b) Peccadillo

c) Shelley

d) Angus

5.This is Roz’s first book. She says she learned a lot while writing it. How many exclamation marks did Rod Griffiths edit from her first draft?

a) 76

b) 121

c) 193

d) 318

And the decider, in case of more than one person getting 5/5—

What do you think Graham will be doing in five years time?

We’ve put this quiz up on the Roz Levens—writer Facebook page if you need a reminder of the questions, you’ll also see them in the ‘Chat’ window, and the winners will be announced on Roz’s Facebook page in a fortnight i.e. Wednesday 7 July.

Send your answers to in a Word document by 6 July 2020.







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