The Stations of the Day

MWT.pngMichael W. Thomas, The Stations of the Day

ISBN 978-1-910322-97-0 64pp, paperback, gloss covers £7.00 (order details below)

Publication date: October 2019

In this, his tenth title, Michael W. Thomas again justifies Alison Brackenbury’s commendation of his work:

‘His poems are rich with the details of past and present lives. They explore the wildest possibilities of those lives with passion and humour.’

The Stations of the Day is in fact a book of mini-collections, with titles as diverse as ‘When You Were Young’, ‘Where Nothing’s Asked Or Thieved’ and ‘Motley Futures.’ Within these and others, using a striking variety of forms and voices, Thomas’s poetry ranges back and forth in time, place and emotion. Here we find the English Black Country when it was still industrial; there we find Feste from Twelfth Night, who confides what Shakespeare did not record. Now we have nature and peace in our grasp at a country crossroads on Christmas Day; now we land on College Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as drivers and wanderers chart their routes from one station of the day to the next. Elsewhere, children of the future laugh like drains at the yammer-drug that is social media in our time; while one small boy, confined to a barber’s chair at the end of autumn 1960, senses time’s flow and wonders what on earth it can possibly lead to. In this, among Thomas’s speakers and characters, he is far from alone.

Arresting in language, sharp in perspective, The Stations of the Day invites and rewards reading and reading again.

‘Michael W. Thomas’s poetry shows a real sense of exploration and discrimination of fine states of feeling…. Thomas cuts away all dead weight, creating a sense of economy with richness, and is not afraid of using a phrase that in a lesser craftsman’s hands would bring a sneer…. His language is vigorous and street-wise and his poetic tools work on experience in Coleridgean mode, dissolving, diffusing, dissipating in order to create a surprising world.’

–Peter de Ville, Poetry Salzburg Review.


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