Peter Sutton – ‘A Colourful Age’ – Launch

You are invited to attend Peter Sutton’s launch of his new poetry collection, ‘A Colourful Age’ at Christ Church Hall, Malvern, situated behind Christ Church, Avenue Road, Malvern WR14 3AY, Sunday 26 March 2023. Doors open at 15:30 and the event will start at 16:00.

‘A Colourful Age’ is arranged in four sections: ‘Colour Vision’, which splits the world into the colours of the rainbow, ‘Belief’, which reflects on how we try in our small ways to make sense of existence, ‘Family’, which is topped and tailed by poems written for Peter’s two granddaughters, and ‘Old Age’, which draws on Peter’s experiences. An awareness of colours persists throughout.

“These honest, generous and wonderfully diverse poems will touch many readers.” Tina Cole, winner of the Yaffle Poetry Competition, 2020

A Colourful Age - front cover

£8 +P&P



Brimstone yellow, belly yellow, skin yellow, plum yellow.
Sunny yellow, sickly yellow, streak of yellow, Case Yellow.
Autumn yellow, turning yellow, mellow yellow, saffron yellow.
Yellow is craven, yellow is shallow.
Yellow is sunshine, yellow is hallow.

A Colourful Age (Black Pear Press, 2023)


Brian Comber – A Caparisoned Elephant

Brian Comber is to launch his second poetry collection with Black Pear Press Sunday 2 April 2023, alongside fellow poet Ade Couper.

Poet and reviewer, Nigel Kent, says, ‘Though the poems in Brian Comber’s  ‘A Caparisoned Elephant’ often begin in familiar places or with familiar events, both historical and contemporary, his imagination invariably prompts us to leap beyond the known, to heights where we can enjoy a precious perspective upon those aspects of experience that we may ignore or of which we are unaware.’

This is a splendid read for all poetry lovers.

A Caparisoned Elephant front cover

Pre-order ‘A Caparisoned Elephant’ for UK delivery here:

£7 +P&P


Brian Comber and Ade Couper – a shared poetry book launch

A date for your diaries! Poets Brian Comber and former Worcestershire Poet Laureate Ade Couper are launching their poetry collections at The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Sansome Walk, Worcester WR1 1UG on 2 April 2023. Doors will open at 3.30pm and the event will start at 4pm.

This is a debut collection for former Worcestershire Poet Laureate Ade Couper and is entitled ‘Made of Stories’ – it is his poet laureate collection, with thanks to Worcestershire LitFest.

Brian Comber’s new collection ‘A Caparisoned Elephant’ follows his success with his debut poetry collection, ‘Panopticon’.

Pre-order ‘A Caparisoned Elephant’ for UK delivery here:

£7 +P&P


Pre-order ‘Made of Stories’ for UK delivery here:

£6 +P&P


Made of Stories – Ade Couper

Former Worcestershire Poet Laureate Ade Couper launches his poet laureate collection ‘Made of Stories’ in April 2023.  Jemima Hughes, poet and author, says, ‘Ade’s content warning is very generous as he prepares us to experience something which many are confronted with without warning. The unapologetic attitude of this collection appropriately reflects the unapologetic nature of chronic health conditions and mental health difficulties.’ This is a touching, reflective, sometimes agonising. sometimes funny collection of poems as Couper describes what life can be like under challenging circumstances.

Made of Stories - front cover KDP

Pre-order ‘Made of Stories’ for UK delivery here:

£6 +P&P


Jamie D. Stacey – ‘All the waves, calling’

ATWC front cover

Many of us know Jamie from his successes in writing flash fiction. He has, for example, been featured in every Worcestershire LitFest Flash Fiction anthology for the past 12 years.

An avid reader of scratches on walls and scribbles in notebooks, Jamie D. Stacey is drawn to stories that empathise, encourage, and empower. He writes flash fiction, i.e., very short stories, and his debut novel, ‘All the waves, calling’ will be published 25 March 2023. Jamie says, ‘Whatever the form or shape of my writing, it’s the heart and hope inside each that matters.’

About the novel:

Men don’t talk, especially about grief. But they should—before it’s too late.

Grief throws Corey into a disordered world where nothing makes sense. His reality is fractured by dark stabs of mental pain that convert his life into an unfathomable maze. He doesn’t know forward from backward, where normality has gone or how to get it back.

In despair, he buys a one-way ticket on the ‘Train to Nowhere’. It derails on a dark, isolated beach in the Highlands, where he befriends the only other known survivor, Skye. Sheltering in a ghost town, they embark on a strange journey to find answers: how did the train crash, what is this place and, most worryingly, who is Skye?

There will be a ‘meet the author’ event in Waterstones, Swansea, click here for the event link Book your free ticket online or message Jamie D. Stacey directly to attend as a ‘personal invite’ (no difference to you, but does help Jamie’s numbers that he has to submit to Waterstones). Later there will be a launch in Worcester, details will be posted here in due course.​

Pre-order ‘All the waves, calling’ for UK delivery here:

£10 +P&P


You can find out more about Jamie D. Stacey on his website


Leena Batchelor launches ‘Space and Shadows’

Leena Batchelor launched her coffee table book ‘Space and Shadows’, with photographs of The Commandery, and poems written when Leena was their Poet in Residence, on Sunday 5 March, 2023 to an appreciative online and ‘live’ audience.

Space and Shadows - front cover

£15 +P&P Order your copy from BPP


Leena says, ‘Every building has its sacred space, that place where ghosts push back and senses heighten, become awake and aware. For me, in this wonderment of a city I call home, I have been fortunate enough to find two such spaces—the Norman crypt in the Cathedral, and The Commandery, in particular the Painted Chamber.’

39 Contentious Friend
‘Contentious Friend’ shows Leena Batchelor’s photo of a wall in the Painted Chamber. This is a rare example of a medieval painting depicting the martyrdom of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury (c.1170). The poem below is an ekphrastic representation by Leena of the painting.

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 00.35.44

‘A Tale of Two Cities II: An Anthology’

Black Pear Press is delighted to announce the publication of ‘A Tale of Two Cities II: An Anthology’ the result of Nina Lewis’s revisit to one of her major laureate projects. Poets in Worcester UK and Worcester USA present their call-and-response poems. It is available here, just follow the link or click on the image below.

You can find a video of the readings by clicking here.

The paperback book is a not-for-profit publication and you will find it for circa £2.83 in paperback which converts to circa $3.58.

An eBook is now available. Happy reading!

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