Solace in the Silence–Amanda Bonnick

Amanda Bonnick would be thrilled to see you join her for the launch of ‘Solace in the Silence’ a celebration of her year as Poet in Residence at Worcester Cathedral. Amanda says ‘The launch will take place in the magnificent and atmospheric Undercroft at the Cathedral, with 10 actors voicing the two main series of poems in the book (Philip Leach, Philip Ward, Susan Davidson, Leah Adkins, Alan Davidson, Ruth Stacey, Jenny Hope, Steve Quick , Matthew Brockington and myself). I cannot wait to experience this event and would love to share it with you!’

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The doors will open for sales at 6.30pm Tuesday 9 November 2021 with the event starting at 7pm – a delightful mix of poetry and prose written during her time as Poet in Residence at Worcester Cathedral.
The event will take place as a live event in the Undercroft at Worcester Cathedral and also online – the online link will appear here on the day or you may apply for it by clicking here.
Amanda Bonnick’s unusual, uplifting and imaginative collection of sixty poems, in a diary covering mid-2019 to Easter 2021, is the outcome of her period as Poet in Residence at Worcester Cathedral. It is a highly personal reflection on her experiences during that time, a ‘pilgrimage’.
The poems cover her profound faith, her interviews with the groups making up the Cathedral community…and her love for the building itself, which she describes as ‘a place of solace and refuge and beauty’. They tell their stories straightforwardly, without self-indulgence or overstatement, and relate not only to the Bible but to today’s everyday life…

Details to pre-order the book will appear here in due course.

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Carrots, Cream, and Death – Flash Fiction From The Worcestershire Literary Festival 2021

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The 2021 Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe publication featuring flash fiction from around the world. The competition opens at the start of the year and an anthology is produced at the end of that year, this is the tenth such publication. Look out for next year’s competition on

Engaging stories of no more than 300 words – well-written and entertaining – pre-order now for Christmas gifts.

UK deliveries only:

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x5 copies: £25.00 +P&P buy-now-paypal

Launch of Poet Laureate collection

Leena Batchelor invites you to the launch of her Worcestershire Poet Laureate collection of poems, Pearl Blades and Painted Silks: The Language of Fans 1pm Sunday 19 September 2021 – a celebration of poetry written in her Worcestershire Poet Laureate year. Leena and her guests plan an entertaining afternoon. Leena says ‘There will be fizz along with some goodies for those who buy a book on the day’ – no charge to come along! This will be a blended launch i.e., come along to The Great Hall at The Commandery in Worcester or join us on Zoom. The Zoom link will appear here on the day.

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Leena Batchelor holds a fascination for fans. The former Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2020-2021 is proud to announce her poetry collection celebrating her tenure. It also celebrates the beauty of fans, the blades and silks, tassels and glorious artwork they often hold. She describes the meanings of the ways in which they’re held, the waves, flutters, closures and expansions, and the impact that these movements can have. Leena says that this is like a daydream to her, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a collection of poems about the language of fans.’

Available to pre-order direct from Black Pear Press at £7+P&P

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Two for One – Books Launched Together

Tony Judge’s first children’s book ‘Lost’ and Polly Stretton’s latest collection ‘Growing Places’ were launched in August 2021.

Click here for details of Tony’s book


Click here for details of Polly’s collection

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Save money on P&P, get both books together 😊:

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Thank you

A big thank you to Mad Hatter Reviews for the review of Polly Stretton’s ‘The Alchemy of 42’. Always good to see a review in which the reviewer has read and clearly understood the contents of a poetry collection 😊 So, thank you to Beth O’Brien. We’re glad you enjoyed ‘The Alchemy of 42’. You can see the full review by clicking here, and get your copy by clicking here.

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Reviews for ‘The Objectors’ by Kevin Brooke

More reviews of Kevin Brooke’s new book ‘The Objectors’ can be seen on Facebook and other social media platforms daily. To see the latest we’ve spotted from Creative Writing lecturer Ruth Stacey of University of Worcester’s Creative Writing team, click here

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