Call and Response

We are pleased to present the results of a 2020 project by Worcester Cathedral Poet-in-Residence, Amanda Bonnick, a celebration of our beloved Cathedral. There’s a review of the anthology below.

Amanda says, ‘It’s been strange to have a pandemic in the middle of this project—having the project to concentrate on and the Cathedral community, staunch supporters on Facebook throughout, really helped me through the early stages of lockdown.’

Amanda called on local poets to send in poems about the Cathedral and the ones collected in this pamphlet are their responses.

Our thanks to Worcester Cathedral for their support of this poetry anthology.

Call and Response - front cover

Poets featured in this pamphlet include: Amanda Bonnick, Michael W. Thomas, Mike Alma, David Pamment, Kevin Brooke, Steve Quick, Tim Cranmore, Leena Batchelor, Mark Kilburn, Brian Comber, Roz Levens, Charley Barnes, Anne Hodnette, Ade Couper, Siân Mitchell, Nina Lewis and Polly Stretton.

Available from Black Pear Press – £5 +P&P – order your copy below:

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The review of ‘Call and Response’ for Write Out Loud is written by Neil Leadbeater. Our thanks to Neil, his article starts:

‘This attractive pamphlet of 23 poems by 17 poets has been collated by Amanda Bonnick, Worcester Cathedral’s first poet-in-residence, following a call for submissions from local poets to send in poems inspired by the cathedral and its presence in the city. The title of the anthology carries with it an echo of the short petitions that are said or sung as versicles and responses by clergy and congregation in settings of Christian liturgical worship.’ To read on, go to: Write Out Loud

Amanda’s new poetry collection ‘Solace in the Silence’ based on her residency can be seen by clicking this link.

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