Max & Luchia–The Game Makers

Kevin Brooke’s second novel for young readers of 7-11 (but everyone will love it) ‘Max & Luchia–The Game Makers’ is receiving rave reviews! ‘Max & Luchia–The Game Makers ‘takes you on a magical journey into an online game invented by the imagination of Max & Luchia.

Max & Luchia - cover 2

Illustrated throughout by the super-talented Seraphim Bryant, this is an exciting, engaging read that young readers have said is unputdownable! Here’s what some of them say:

‘This book is a wonderful adventure! I really enjoyed reading about how the children played ‘Ma-Chia’ and I always hoped they would get to the next level. The descriptions are so good that I felt I was part of the story.’ Elinor van Dam, aged 8

‘I enjoyed Max & Luchia as it led down some unexpected routes’
Ellie Cross, Student at Blessed Edward Oldcorne

‘I couldn’t put it down. It is an amazing book’
Jake Rouse, Student at Blessed Edward Oldcorne

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