Leena Batchelor – ‘Space and Shadows’

Leena Batchelor’s coffee table book ‘Space and Shadows’ with photographs of The Commandery, and poems written when Leena was their Poet in Residence, is a beautiful addition to any home in Worcestershire and all other counties for those interested in this spectacular historic building.

Space and Shadows - front cover

£15 +P&P


Leena says, ‘Every building has its sacred space, that place where ghosts push back and senses heighten, become awake and aware. For me, in this wonderment of a city I call home, I have been fortunate enough to find two such spaces—the Norman crypt in the Cathedral, and The Commandery, in particular the Painted Chamber.’

39 Contentious Friend
‘Contentious Friend’ shows Leena Batchelor’s photo of a wall in the Painted Chamber. This is a rare example of a medieval painting depicting the martyrdom of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury (c.1170). The poem below is an ekphrastic representation by Leena of the painting.

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 00.35.44

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