Rhianna Levi – ‘Life’s Wonders’

The online launch of ‘Life’s Wonders,’ the poetry anthology from a project by Worcestershire Poet Laureate Rhianna Levi with poems by nearly seventy different poets. The launch takes place on Sunday 30 April and starts at 4pm, you’re welcome to join up to ten minutes in advance to settle in and await the start. The link will appear here on the day and also on the events page, click here.

Life's Wonders - front cover

Rhianna Levi says:

‘For every copy sold of this anthology, a donation will be made to Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity who in turn will invest it into Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.  They will do this by providing enhancements, additions and added extras which link closely with the strategic aims of the Trust, which can make the working day easier, the service more comfortable or improve the experience for patients, staff and visitors.

A fitting tribute in alignment with the NHS turning 75 years old in 2023.’

Rhianna feels a special closeness with the charity as they cared for her father in his last days.

Order a copy of the anthology here:


£8 +P&P

Should you want more than one copy, please get in touch so that we can adjust the P&P

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