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Leena Batchelor’s Poet Laureate collection of poems, Pearl Blades and Painted Silks: The Language of Fans was launched in September 2021.

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Leena Batchelor holds a fascination for fans. The former Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2020-2021 is proud to announce her poetry collection celebrating her tenure. It also celebrates the beauty of fans, the blades and silks, tassels and glorious artwork they often hold. She describes the meanings of the ways in which they’re held, the waves, flutters, closures and expansions, and the impact that these movements can have. Leena says that this is like a daydream to her, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a collection of poems about the language of fans.’

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Suz Winspear’s Poet Laureate collection of poems, The Awkward People was launched in  January 2018.

Suz –The Awkward People–Front Cover

Poetry from Suz Winspear, Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2016-17—poems with many different moods and subjects, strange, dark, disquieting, some of it is humorous.

From Worcester’s late-night population to a 1940s hair-salon, by way of squid, eccentric coach-travellers, folk-horror, peculiar pubs, steampunk, dysfunctional families, eyeballs, certain malign examples of urban vegetation, and a transgender Velociraptor…

If you’re looking for sugary poems about sunshine and babies, this probably isn’t the book for you—this is poetry for the rest of us, for the outsiders, for the Awkward People!

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Heather Wastie’s marvellous journey during her year as Worcestershire Poet Laureate is recorded in these packed pages. Enjoy reading about everything from creaking doors to Tweets, and ‘Our Spake’. Here are two reviews:

“I’m enjoying Don’t Oil the Hinges enormously… I love the way Heather weaves introductions into the book, I’ve never seen this done before and it creates a lovely, intimate reading experience.”
Nancy Campbell, Canal Laureate

“You can’t help but warm to Heather Wastie’s enthusiasm, creativity, and zest in putting poetry at the heart of a community.”
Greg Freeman  (Write Out Loud)

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Poet, singer/songwriter, keyboard/accordion player, actor, humourist and facilitator Heather Wastie was born in Cradley Heath and grew up in the Black Country. In 2006 she moved to Kidderminster where in 2013 she was Writer in Residence at the Museum of Carpet. In 2015, the year of publication of her book, ‘Weaving Yarns’ she was appointed Worcestershire Poet Laureate.

Barred outer covers and spine art

Barred – Tim Cranmore

Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2013, Tim Cranmore, launched his book of poetry ‘Barred’ at the Old Rec in June 2014. Black Pear Press are pleased to confirm that the book is available via PayPal (for print copies) or as an eBook, see below.

Tim Cranmore was born in Worcestershire, England, and originally trained as a biochemist.
After a period in clinical research, he started making recorders at the Guildhall School of Music. He now travels the world with the recorders he makes and sells. Tim also runs courses on recorder making, he says that he and his colleagues ‘now feel that it is time for us to share what we know, and pass on the fruits of, in my case, 30 years of experience to anyone who wants it.’

Tim says he likes the idea of the 18th century musician producing a slightly worn instrument from the depths of his frock coat, and playing with his friends in the local coffee house. He is well known for his ability to make a recorder from a carrot and has entertained many with his demonstrations of doing just that!

Well known on the spoken word circuit, Tim became Worcestershire Poet Laureate in 2013. This, his first collection of poems, celebrates his time as Poet Laureate and includes poems about his carrot, plus favourites such as the beautifully melodic The Mermaid And The Mason and Tim’s humour in On My Bidet – For Catherine.

Tim holds a performer’s diploma in recorder, and has supplied many instruments to professional and amateur players all over the world during thirty years as a maker. His instruments have been used by leading players and are featured on a number of acclaimed CDs.

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Barred is also available as an eBook: click here.

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