Human Writes – Worcester Amnesty

With contributions by entrants to the 2021 Human Writes Amnesty Competition.

Proceeds from the sale of ‘Human Writes’ will go to the Worcester Amnesty Group.

“The…poems…in this book have been written by people who care, people who see injustice and, rather than shrugging their shoulders and saying, “what can we do?” have determined that they can do something—they can write beautiful, powerful poems on behalf of people whose human rights have been abused and ignored, and I salute them for doing so.
“Thank you for buying this book, and helping Amnesty International make a difference.”
Ade Couper
Worcester Amnesty International local group
Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2021-22

Human Writes front cover

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Some of these poems may make you laught, some of them may make you cry—but all of them will hopefully make you think.

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