Pack of Lies

Roz Levens’ debut novel ‘Pack of Lies’—Graham has taken one risk too many. Now he owes a lot of money to the wrong people, and he is running for his life. Will the women he has duped unite to save him? Is he even worth saving?

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Pack of Lies - Front Cover

Roz Levens describes herself as ‘Writer, storyteller and encourager of writing in others.’ She runs popular ‘Write with Roz’ workshops at The Hive in Worcester and at Redditch Library. She says she has a 25m swimming certificate and gave up dog agility because she couldn’t keep up with Reg the dog!

“Roz Levens’ work is vicious, in the best way! She has a marvellous tendency to combine crime and comedy, with brilliant results, and she blends this with wonderfully distinct characters too (many of whom often get what they deserve in one way or another). There is something unique about the way Levens puts a story together, and she always manages to introduce the unexpected in her plots—and at exactly the right time.

“A breath of fresh air, regardless of the genre she’s leaning towards, Levens’ work makes for entertaining reading time and again. Pack of Lies is sure to amuse and entertain new and familiar readers alike, and here’s hoping this is the first of many novels from this author.”

Dr Charley Barnes
Writer in Residence at The Swan Theatre
Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2019-2020
Managing Director | Sabotage Reviews

“Sara, Martha, Jude. Their one common link is Graham Parker…but they don’t know it. Then the letters arrive, the photographs, the documents, dropping through their letterboxes into wire baskets, onto doormats. Yes, that’s him…but who’s that with him, whose is that name alongside his? And who is Micaela? Is she just a bit-player in this mystery…or does she know more? Does she know all of them? How? Is she the one gradually drawing them together and, if so, to what end?

“In this skilfully constructed tale, Roz Levens deftly reveals the many lives of Graham Parker: lives invented, juggled or plain thrown away. But such casualness can come at a price…and that price can mean real danger. …we learn that Graham was a whizz at English: ‘His teacher said he had the most wonderful imagination…she’d never met a child with such a grasp of the importance of a plot.’ Now, it seems, he is learning that plots backfire. Truly, he needs help. But one question looms ever larger throughout this assured page-turner—will those he’s discarded be willing to give it?”

Michael W. Thomas, author of The Girl from Midfoxfields, The Portswick Imp: Collected Stories 2001-2016 and The Stations of the Day.

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Roz’s Quiz—deadline 6 July 2020 send your answers to in a Word documentwinners announced 7 July 2020

We’ve put this quiz up on the Roz Levens—writer Facebook page if you need a reminder of the questions, you’ll also see them in the ‘Chat’ window, and the winners will be announced on Roz’s Facebook page in a fortnight i.e. Wednesday 7 July.

1st prize
Name a character for the next book
2nd prize
Feature in a short story written just for you (Note: Roz is not promising to be nice!)
3rd prize
The recipe to Roz’s much-coveted banana and cranberry loaf…

The Quiz

1.What’s the maximum punishment for bigamy in the UK?

a) Six months

b) Up to seven years

c) Two mothers-in-law

d) All of the above


2.Sara flies from Birmingham to Alicante. How long should the flight take?

a) Two hours

b) Two hours 20

c) Two hours 40

d) Three hours


3.How many glasses of wine are drunk throughout the course of the story?

a) Six

b) Fourteen

c) 22

d) Lots more than that—that Wendy’s a bit of a lush.


4.Roz got the idea for the story while she was in a pottery class. She made a chicken. Is it called…

a) Henrietta

b) Peccadillo

c) Shelley

d) Angus


5.This is Roz’s first book. She says she learned a lot while writing it. How many exclamation marks did Rod Griffiths edit from her first draft?

a) 76

b) 121

c) 193

d) 318


And the decider, in case of more than one person getting 5/5—

What do you think Graham will be doing in five years time?






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