Suz Winspear

Suz Winspear’s Poet Laureate collection of poems, The Awkward People was launched in  January 2018.

Suz –The Awkward People–Front Cover

Poetry from Suz Winspear, Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2016-17—poems with many different moods and subjects, strange, dark, disquieting, some of it is humorous.

From Worcester’s late-night population to a 1940s hair-salon, by way of squid, eccentric coach-travellers, folk-horror, peculiar pubs, steampunk, dysfunctional families, eyeballs, certain malign examples of urban vegetation, and a transgender Velociraptor. . .

If you’re looking for sugary poems about sunshine and babies, this probably isn’t the book for you—this is poetry for the rest of us, for the outsiders, for the Awkward People!

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