The Objectors by Kevin Brooke

Good news! A thrilling new Young Adult (YA) book from Kevin Brooke with illustrations by Seraphim Bryant is here! The printer gnomes did good work!

The year is 2042. England is cut-off from the former UK, Europe and the world. As resources dwindle, The Entitlement Party creates a devastating scheme to reduce the population. On their sixteenth birthday, young people of underling class are selected at random to eliminate six people. The reward for fulfilling their contract is to win their place amongst the elite.

Samarah, Ethan and Ellie-Mae, each of whom has a different reason to object, refuse to sign the contract. As civilisation crumbles, and a programme of genocide is uncovered, the regime deploys its synthetic warriors to destroy an underling rebellion. The only force that can prevent victory for evil is the spirit and collective strength of three young people. The Objectors.

UK £8 +P&P

UK x3 copies £24.00 +P&P

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