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Anyone who has a copy of Peter Sutton’s modern alliterative verse translation of William Langland’s 7500-line medieval poem Piers Plowman will be familiar with Peter Sutton’s capabilities, others will know him for his own poetry, wit and charm. He says, ‘These poems are about the composer Sir Edward Elgar and the landscape in which he lived and worked.’

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…a platform from which to understand how a creative genius takes his inspiration from his surroundings.

—Stuart Freed, Acting Chairman of the Elgar Society

By turns playful and poignant, Sutton’s poems dance with flair and grace across the pages, illuminating the life and times of this singular composer with a joyful sense of passion and warmth.’

Sara-Jane Arbury, poet, playwright, and performer

‘There is laugh-aloud humour in The Worcester Races, a complete history in The Malvern Hills, the celebration of Spring Music 1919, and an explanation of the magic in The Source of Music.  This is a feel-good collection, and the poet’s warmth and wit breathe through every page.’

—Alison Chisholm, poet

Here is a review of Elgar Country. Neil Leadbeater, writing for Write Out Loud says ‘Much of the music in these poems is achieved through alliteration and rhyme. With a nod to the apple orchards of Worcestershire, Sutton remarks that Elgar’s music “poured like cider, fruity, frothy, pippy part-songs” on to the printed page or, in Elgar’s case, the carefully ruled sets of five parallel lines that Alice used to prepare for him to compose upon. In ‘A Poetical Symphony’ Sutton casts his poem into the traditional four movements of a symphony using specialised vocabulary and rhyme to turn it into a sound poem.’ This is a brief extract from the review, which can be read as a whole by following this link.

Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton

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