RIP Kieran Davis 1979–2020

Kieran Davis’s fabulous second collection of poetry Legacy—launched in 2018 at Drummonds Bar in Worcester. The long awaited collection that follows on from his acclaimed first collection Lacuna.

Charley Barnes wrote: ‘Davis…shows a talent for killer lines, I give you (my favourite poem so far) ‘Unstoppable’ as an illustration of this: ‘She looked as though / she were trying to see / right through the world / at something she needed / on the other side’. So beautiful are some lines, indeed whole pieces, that it feels impossible to rush through this collection in case something important and well-crafted slips you by on the way.’ Mad Hatter Reviews 2018–http://www.madhatterreviews.co.uk/blog

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The late, great, Paul Lenzi said:

“Legacy” is the poetically powerful follow-up to “Lacuna,” Kieran Davis’s remarkable first volume of verse, all the more delightful for the number of poems. This sequel ranges over a variety of topics, all of which incorporate the author’s perceptive observations of his world. Davis’s treatment of relationships is especially sensitive, and reveals, with every artful turn of phrase, an innate sense of utter decency.

This is a collection that satisfies this poetry lover on many levels; aesthetic, intellectual, emotional, as well as spiritual. It will surely leave readers clamouring for more.

Paul F. Lenzi (1949 – 2018)

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