Polly Stretton

Polly Stretton, poet and writer, is well known on the Worcester literary scene and is the Chair of the Open University Poetry Society. She has performed her poetry at spoken word events such as Worcester SpeakEasy, 42Worcester, Dear Listener, and The Poetry Place in Covent Garden. Her writing has been published in many anthologies. Polly released the first edition of Girl’s Got Rhythm in 2012 and Chatterton in 2014 and collated the WWI anthologies between 2016-2018 as part of the hundred-year commemorations. Polly says, ‘It’s been a privilege to work with some fine writers and poets and with the Big Ideas Company, on these projects. I’m delighted to see they’re now available at a nominal price as eBooks.’

The ‘Pressed Flowers’ project with Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2019-2020 Charley Barnes, was, says Polly, ‘an absolute delight’. Working together, Polly and Charley asked other like-minded poets to contribute poems to the prompt ‘pressed flowers’, and this pamphlet is the result. Click here to see more.

Published in 2020, Polly’s collection ‘The Alchemy of 42’ features 42 poems that have been written to 42Worcester prompts over the past nine years.

Polly’s latest collection Growing Places was published in 2021. Click here to see more.

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