Successful Writers in 2016 Anthology

Here is a list of the writers whose work appears in the 2016 Black Pear Press Anthology – published in November 2016 – these are amongst the finest short story writers in the UK right now. The anthology is available direct from Black Pear Press – click here for details.


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Young Writer Anthology 2016

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Worcestershire LitFest and Rotary’s 2016 anthology ‘Lucid’ – the Young Writer entries from the summer competition – is launched at competition sponsor’s venue, Titania, Security House on Sunday 4 December 2016.

Competition prizewinners will read their stories of up to 300 words based on the theme Utopia or Apocalypse. The prizewinners’ stories are the first in the anthology followed by entries selected by the editors.

At £5 +P&P you can get your copy direct from Black Pear Press here: