‘Blue Stockings’ by Cath Darwen

Winner of the University of Worcester Black Pear Press Prize for Fiction 2020 Cath Darwen’s first book ‘Blue Stockings’ is a most readable exploration into women during the French Revolution and their portrayal in historical fiction.

Blue Stockings, or “I Have Killed One Man To Save A Hundred Thousand”  is set during the chaotic events of 1789 and is inspired by the often overlooked role of French women in the violent upheavals that swept away the monarchy and successive revolutionary governments. The experiences of the main protagonist, Emile, offer a striking new perspective on this epochal moment in European history.

“Cath Darwen’s novella weaves fact and fiction to create a compelling stage full of characters, both real and invented, embarking on the starting moments of the French Revolution. This vivid scene, as if the curtains are being pulled back on history allowing the reader to witness the everyday women drawn into the bloody business, clearly demonstrates Darwen’s love of the time period and dramatic flair.” —Ruth Stacey, poet and lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Worcester

Launch of ‘Blue Stockings’

Launched in May, 2021 to celebrate the University of Worcester Creative Writing 2020 prizewinners as they published their first books…Chloe Hanks and Cath Darwen. Click here for details.

UK customers £5 +P&P:


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