C.S.Barnes – The Women You Were Warned About

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Luke Kennard said:

“Blazingly self-aware, bracingly frank, funny and sad in shovel-loads. The Women You Were Warned About is the arrival of an urgent new voice. Barnes brings unflinching focus to our relationships and politics, always compelling, always troubling. I read it compulsively in one sitting, but I know I’ll still be coming back to it years later.”

Nina Lewis commented:

“Repulsive characters, surprising outcomes and dry humour result in stories that will make you laugh and some that will make you retch. It is impossible not to be swept along by the post modern narrative. Hideously dark, ‘this motley crew of unsavoury women’ aren’t asking for it, they are taking it!

“The Women You Were Warned About is an immensely satisfying read. C.S.Barnes weaves evocative prose and interview transcripts together, ambitiously mirroring David Foster Wallace’s experimental style. As Barnes’s says; ‘Unconventional stories…deserved some unconventional telling.’ You will certainly find some unusual recounts in these pages.

“The questions may be missing but the answers are all there. The stories will resonant long after you have put the book down. A compelling début collection.”

The Women You Were Warned About: Answers To Absent Questions is available directly from Black Pear Press at £7 per copy plus P&P. If you wish to purchase multiple copies please email ps@blackpear.net and advise the number of copies you’d like to order; a PayPal link will be issued specifically for you.

UK +P&P: buy-now-paypal

C.S. Barnes is a Worcestershire-based writer and poet who is
currently working towards her doctorate in Creative Writing.
While Barnes’s interests initially lay exclusively in poetry, her
academic studies have seen her experiment with other styles of
writing—namely the short story—and, as part of her current
degree, Barnes is now working on her first full-length novel.

Alongside her writing endeavours Barnes is also a creative writing
tutor. She has worked with primary and secondary school
students, all the way through to the undergraduate students at her
own university, where she has been tutoring for the past two

The Women You Were Warned About: Answers to Absent Questions,
is Barnes’s first full-length publication and, after having so much
fun with the women contained within these stories, she sincerely
looks forward to the possibility of working with such hideous
women again in the future.


One thought on “C.S.Barnes – The Women You Were Warned About

  1. Grab a copy of this book as soon as you can! Every story is individual and totally engrossing. Twists and turns abound – if you think you can predict an ending you would be wise to keep your thoughts to yourself as you will probably be wrong. A wonderful book,


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