Sunita Thind—The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems—Virtual Book Launch

Debut poet Sunita Thind explores the Indian, female perspective and gives an insight into Punjabi culture in the UK today. Poetry like this is not usually visible in the mainstream and provides readings of lush and exotic imaginings.

Drawing immensely from her dual Punjabi and UK heritage to display poems layered in dense imagery, a battle plan for the future. How to emancipate yourself from centuries of right and rituals to cast a new light on multicultural Britain.

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The virtual launch of ‘The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems’  took place April 2020. Sunita said ‘It’s going to be exotically intoxicating!’ And it was 😀

Later in the year it’s hoped there will be a book launch at the Quad Derby – be sure to come along and get your book signed by Sunita!
Entry will be free of charge—voluntary donations to a Ovarian Cancer Charity (as she is a survivor of this) and some Indian food bites—free on a first come-first serve basis.


£7.00 +P&P

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New Author Jordan A. Daniels

Watching Grandma is Jordan’s first book for small children and describes how his Grandma came to Britain and the difference it made to family life.

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£7.00 +P&P

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About the author

Born in Birmingham, England Jordan is a junior doctor training in mental health. Jordan comes from a big family with a mum and dad, an older brother, whom he shares a birthday with, and two younger brothers.

He has liked drawing since he was very little. Jordan liked anatomy classes when studying to be a doctor, where he was able to draw parts of the body. He recently had artwork published for a flier produced for Arts in the Yard based in Yardley, where he grew up.


When not at work, Jordan can be found playing trumpet with friends, teaching piano or playing organ at church. He also enjoys composing songs and writes poetry on the bus. For exercise, which, he says, is both fun and important, he does rock climbing and coaches fencing which he started at school.


Jordan also thinks that speaking other languages is fun and has learned to speak German. He can manage a few words in French, Italian, Jamaican Patois and Japanese. Going to Japan would be his next big adventure!


Jordan spent a lot of time with his grandparents growing up and found their love and depth of character to be very inspiring. That it is why he wanted to write a story dedicated to his first niece showing what it means to care for someone who you love.

A new Millie story from Madeleine Ridd

‘Millie is excited – it’s almost Sports Day! But will an unexpected visitor stop her winning the big race?’

Millie Front cover snapshot.jpg

Read about Millie’s sports day experience in this beautifully illustrated book for children by Madeleine Ridd. Madeleine is a cellist and music teacher. She lives in East London with her husband, Nick. Madeleine has always loved to paint, and this is her second children’s book.

Available direct from Black Pear Press via PayPal.

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