Hampshire Book Launch


When Lissa Byrne inherits her grandfather’s house in the Malvern Hills, the hostility of disappointed relatives seems like trouble enough. The old man’s dying plea for her forgiveness is a mystery that Lissa cannot begin to solve.

Her cousin’s arrival forces her to think again. Kit Pevensey, her first love and once her closest friend, has been gone for five years and has regrets of his own; but their grandfather wrote to Kit just before he died, with a warning that Lissa is in danger.

As Lissa and Kit try to rebuild their relationship, events draw them ever deeper into their family’s troubled history. The race is on, from the Malvern Hills to the snow-swept coast of West Wales, to unearth the story of a lost generation before it’s too late; for the past can do worse than haunt your dreams and betray your most treasured memories.