Sunita Thind—The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems—Virtual Book Launch

Debut poet Sunita Thind explores the Indian, female perspective and gives an insight into Punjabi culture in the UK today. Poetry like this is not usually visible in the mainstream and provides readings of lush and exotic imaginings. Drawing immensely from her dual Punjabi and UK heritage to display poems layered in dense imagery, aContinue reading “Sunita Thind—The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems—Virtual Book Launch”

Launch of Debut Collection–Math Jones

Math and friends performed at the dramatic and entertaining launch of his debut poetry collection Sabrina Bridge in March 2018. Sabrina Bridge is available directly from Black Pear Press at £6 per copy plus P&P. For UK customers: Many of Math’s magical, moving and evocative poems were written in and about Worcester, and, he saysContinue reading “Launch of Debut Collection–Math Jones”