Seeds Of Destruction

Celebrity Chef in First Novel

Lovers of good food and a good read will be coming back for more after devouring Frances Bennett’s first novel Seeds of Destruction.  This thriller features celebrity chef, Hester, whose orderly life is thrown into chaos by her stepson, Simon.

Hester views Simon with maternal affection, unaware that he harbours a dangerous obsession.

The seeds of destruction have their roots in Simon’s bitter and lonely childhood. On the death of his grandfather he becomes wealthy enough to abandon his teaching job and, with ruthless determination, plans to remove anyone who stands between him and the attainment of his dream. Gradually losing all touch with reality, his behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre, with terrifying, destructive consequences.

Front Cover Seeds_edited-1

UK customers can order Seeds of Destruction direct from the publishers:

£8.00 +P&P


This title is available for our customers to order through and through any Waterstones stores.

Seeds of Destruction is also available as an eBook: click here.

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