Jamie D. Stacey – ‘All the waves, calling’

ATWC front cover

Many of us know Jamie from his successes in writing flash fiction. He has, for example, been featured in every Worcestershire LitFest Flash Fiction anthology for the past 12 years.

An avid reader of scratches on walls and scribbles in notebooks, Jamie D. Stacey is drawn to stories that empathise, encourage, and empower. He writes flash fiction, i.e., very short stories, and his debut novel, ‘All the waves, calling’ will be published 25 March 2023. Jamie says, ‘Whatever the form or shape of my writing, it’s the heart and hope inside each that matters.’

About the novel:

Men don’t talk, especially about grief. But they should—before it’s too late.

Grief throws Corey into a disordered world where nothing makes sense. His reality is fractured by dark stabs of mental pain that convert his life into an unfathomable maze. He doesn’t know forward from backward, where normality has gone or how to get it back.

In despair, he buys a one-way ticket on the ‘Train to Nowhere’. It derails on a dark, isolated beach in the Highlands, where he befriends the only other known survivor, Skye. Sheltering in a ghost town, they embark on a strange journey to find answers: how did the train crash, what is this place and, most worryingly, who is Skye?

There will be a ‘meet the author’ event in Waterstones, Swansea, click here for the event link Book your free ticket online or message Jamie D. Stacey directly to attend as a ‘personal invite’ (no difference to you, but does help Jamie’s numbers that he has to submit to Waterstones). Later there will be a launch in Worcester, details will be posted here in due course.​

Pre-order ‘All the waves, calling’ for UK delivery here:

£10 +P&P


You can find out more about Jamie D. Stacey on his website



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