Peter Sutton – ‘A Colourful Age’

Peter Sutton’s latest collection ‘A Colourful Age’ was launched to much acclaim in Malvern, March 2023.
‘A Colourful Age’ is arranged in four sections: ‘Colour Vision’, which splits the world into the colours of the rainbow, ‘Belief’, which reflects on how we try in our small ways to make sense of existence, ‘Family’, which is topped and tailed by poems written for Peter’s two granddaughters, and ‘Old Age’, which draws on Peter’s experiences. An awareness of colours persists throughout.

“These honest, generous and wonderfully diverse poems will touch many readers.” Tina Cole, winner of the Yaffle Poetry Competition, 2020

A Colourful Age - front cover

£8 +P&P



Brimstone yellow, belly yellow, skin yellow, plum yellow.
Sunny yellow, sickly yellow, streak of yellow, Case Yellow.
Autumn yellow, turning yellow, mellow yellow, saffron yellow.
Yellow is craven, yellow is shallow.
Yellow is sunshine, yellow is hallow.

A Colourful Age (Black Pear Press, 2023)

Peter Sutton

Peter Sutton


One thought on “Peter Sutton – ‘A Colourful Age’

  1. Dear Polly

    A Colourful Age

    Many thanks for forwarding Peter’s Launch Event details for Sunday 26 March. I have booked it in my diary!

    All best Susie x

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