A New Novel from Pam Keevil

Pam Keevil’s new novel Wild Girls is here! And while we’re at it, check out the new cover for Pam’s debut novel Virgin at Fifty.

The launch of Wild Girls took place in October 2022, a hybrid event at a smart venue with an appreciative audience online.

Wild Girls Front Cover Pam Keevil

An unconventional American, Mona, flees an abusive relationship for the healing peace of the English countryside.

Sheila’s life has followed a more traditional pattern.

They’re unprepared for the impact as two cultures collide. To overcome their life frustrations, they strive to reconcile their own needs with the demands and expectations of family, friends, society and social media. Add to the mix a disaffected husband, a jealous ex, a possible love interest, the suicide of a friend and the threat of developers despoiling their village—peace and quiet are in short supply.

‘A warmhearted book about old troubles and new beginnings—you can never keep a Wild Girl down for long! An ideal beach read.’
—Roz Levens, novelist and short story writer

Available now (UK only): £10.00 +P&P

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