Peter Sutton launches ‘Elgar Country’

Black Pear Press launched Elgar Country, Peter Sutton’s tribute in poetry to the famous Worcestershire composer, in April 2022.

Elgar Country front cover

Elgar Country is an exploration of the landscapes, lanes, towns and cities that formed the backdrop to Elgar’s life and inspired so much of his music. Sutton’s own love for this part of the country is manifest in these poems as he urges us to ‘come to the Malvern Hills, to the counties of Hereford and Worcester, and hear the marvellous words of poets, the sounds of the earth, and the magical music of Elgar’.

Follow this link to hear Peter Sutton read The Malvern Hills

Here is Peter Sutton’s second recording from Elgar Country, a poem entitled Music in the Air

Peter Sutton’s third recording from Elgar Country, Elgar the Composer

Here is a review of Elgar Country. Neil Leadbeater, writing for Write Out Loud says ‘Much of the music in these poems is achieved through alliteration and rhyme. With a nod to the apple orchards of Worcestershire, Sutton remarks that Elgar’s music “poured like cider, fruity, frothy, pippy part-songs” on to the printed page or, in Elgar’s case, the carefully ruled sets of five parallel lines that Alice used to prepare for him to compose upon. In ‘A Poetical Symphony’ Sutton casts his poem into the traditional four movements of a symphony using specialised vocabulary and rhyme to turn it into a sound poem.’ This is a brief extract from the review, which can be read as a whole by following this link.

To order your copy of Elgar Country:

Please note: we are unable to despatch to destinations outside the UK.

£6 +P&P



One thought on “Peter Sutton launches ‘Elgar Country’

  1. Hi Polly
    I’m thrilled Peter is publishing ‘Elgar Country’ … I know from times past we are both hugely enthusiastic fans of Peter’s poetry and his delightful performances … so engaging and wonderfully amusing. All best … Susie x

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