Beth O’Brien–I Chase Lightning

Beth O’Brien’s second poetry collection with Black Pear Press I Chase Lightning  launched online in February 2022.

Front cover - I Chase Lightning

Available now (UK only): £6.00 +P&P buy-now-paypal

We are unable to despatch to destinations outside the UK.

Beth O’Brien’s writing never fails to transport me to another world, and I Chase Lightning is no different. Imbued with beautifully vivid descriptions, each poem tells its own story, making for a wonderful collection.

—  Emily Breeds, poet, and screenwriter

I Chase Lightning is a beautifully written collection that calls attention to weather in ways we so often miss. A stunning observer of the natural world, O’Brien is able to find all that is beautiful in what others may find frightful. These poems weave together how much of our daily lives are powered by weather, whilst honouring the female contributors who led us there.

— Anisha Mansuri, poet, and writer

I Chase Lightning is a beautiful poetry collection filled with lines, images and motifs that strike your mind’s eye, leaving you in wonder. O’Brien’s trademark footnotes add that spark of context that enhance the poems’ meanings. From the fast building “Storm Made” to the enrapturing “Neon”, O’Brien’s poems cover nature, science, historical events and hidden figures, forming a collection that crackles and smokes with the arresting minutia of life across the eras.

— Shakira Morar, poet, screenwriter, and podcaster


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