‘Pack of Lies’ Review by LitFest Director Martin Driscoll

Roz Levens writes with a light touch but produces such heavy content!
In her latest novel ‘Pack of Lies’ she creates an entwined ensemble of believable but wildly diverse characters, all linked by one man known to them all but with seemingly no ties to each other.
The way Roz carefully, deviously, cleverly and forensically lays out her plot lines is a sheer delight.
It is a darkly humorously novel with twists and turns and great plot devices, the way she drops the crime bombs into each person and their families is breath taking.
At its heart is a seemingly simple plot of a man slipping slowly into deep trouble but the ripples and the tentacles of organised crime quickly affect so many women unknowingly linked, innocent to the horrors that unfold so rapidly and so completely.
A MUST READ story, full stop!

Martin Driscoll
Director · The Worcestershire Literary Festival & Fringe

Click here for more about ‘Pack of Lies’


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