Pressed Flowers

How lovely to see a review by Neil Leadbeater of Pressed Flowers on ‘Write Out Loud’ today. Every contributor to this wonderful anthology should take the time to read it. And if you don’t have a copy yet, there are a few still available.

C:/Users/HP/Documents/Writing Projects/Black Pear/Does My Bass/D

A poetry anthology coordinated by Worcestershire Poet Laureate Charley Barnes and Polly Stretton of Black Pear Press as a result of sharing sunflower poems. Charley’s sunflower poem ‘Helianthus Forest’ won her the laureateship in 2019 and features in the anthology.

Charley says, ‘We put our heads together and decided that, given the many talented poets we know, we could stitch a whole pamphlet of these floral pieces if we tried.
Polly and I invited poets to participate in the project and, one email at a time, we leapt for joy when each person agreed…it’s been an utter joy to work with the poets
featured in this collection.’

Pressed Flowers was launched at Parks Cafe in Droitwich in November 2019.

Order your copy direct from Black Pear Press here:

£5.00 +P&P

UK customers:



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