Review – The Portswick Imp

Part of a review by Sarah Hegarty recently published in Writing in Education

Review, Sarah Hegarty, Writing in Education, no. 78 (Autumn, 2109)

A sense of yearning for a simpler time, long gone, permeates some of [Michael W. Thomas’s] tales. The title story, told in the voices of a husband and wife, traces his boyhood passion for push-bikes, which he has put aside. Seeing cyclists on the road, “throwing air over either shoulder”, brings his true love back “like an old song”. At first, despite hating the “dank shops, each with its mumbly little man in a brown coat stuffed with pens”, his wife helps him search for the perfect bike. But no single machine is the answer. The end result, “five bikes’ worth”, he names the Portswick Imp, after a childhood memory. Out in the countryside she watches him ride, until his bike lights are “just a bit of the Welsh moon broken up”. He has ridden away, back into the safety of his childhood imagination.

Sarah Hegarty

C:/Users/HP/Documents/Writing Projects/Black Pear/The Portswick

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