Celebrity Chef in First Novel

Lovers of good food and a good read will be coming back for more after devouring Frances Bennett’s first thriller Seeds of Destruction.  The novel features celebrity chef, Hester, whose orderly life is thrown into chaos by her stepson,
Hester views Simon with maternal affection, unaware that he harbours a dangerous obsession.
The seeds of destruction have their roots in Simon’s bitter and lonely childhood. On the death of his grandfather he becomes wealthy enough to abandon his teaching job and, with ruthless determination, plans to remove anyone who stands between him and the attainment of his dream. Gradually losing all touch with reality, his behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre, with terrifying, destructive consequences.

About the author

Frances Bennett was a war baby, born in Dorset. Due to her father’s work, she moved home frequently until she was around ten years old. Her brother, nine years older, was away at boarding school and then worked in London, so Frances felt very much on her own. She was a solitary child and a voracious reader of Dickens, Thackeray, Kipling and more. They gave her an immense love of words and the separate world we enter when lost in a gripping story.

Frances had varied careers including those in antique jewellery and restaurant management; had a family, divorced, remarried happily to an artist but was widowed three years later.

Main sources of enjoyment for Frances include reading, writing, classical music, theatre, cooking, eating out and socialising with family and friends. She lives near Worcester Cathedral.

Frances says she’s been writing on and off for twenty-five years. She’s completed four novels, several short stories and ‘some poetry’.  Seeds of Destruction is the first novel to be published.

Seeds of Destruction was launched Sunday 12 October, 16:00-18:00 at St Swithun’s Institute, to considerable acclaim.

Front Cover Seeds_edited-1

Also available as an eBook

UK customers can get the paperback via PayPal: btn_buynowCC_LG

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