Coming Soon! Jimmy Cricket

The newest title from Black Pear Press, Jimmy Cricket, will be published soon, so watch out for the launch date.

Jimmy Cricket front cover

Jimmy Cricket by Kevin Brooke is about that exciting and yet terrifying time in life, the early-to-mid-teens. Seen through the eyes of the main character, Jimmy Latham, this story shows how teenagers can, with the right support, survive just about anything.  Set soon after Jimmy’s fifteenth birthday and a year after the death of his parents in a car accident, his life is in disarray. He joins a bereavement club with a difference, where they play cricket as a form of emotional release, and he’s given the chance to focus on something positive.

Feedback from readers of the story so far includes:

‘A gripping read, I was drawn into the character as if I knew him. Very descriptive, thrilling and in some parts humorous. I would recommend this to my friends. Can’t wait for the next book (no pressure Kevin).’ Tom Bailey, aged 14

‘From start to finish it was exciting – I was desperate to read on. The main character was fun and mysterious.’ Genevieve Brown – aged 12

Although aimed at teenagers, Black Pear Press are convinced ‘Jimmy Cricket’ will be successful as a crossover book, a spokesperson said, ‘It’s a rare opportunity to support a local author who knows his target audience so well. When we read ‘Jimmy Cricket’ we couldn’t put it down, it has great ‘PTQ’ (page turning qualities).

Watch this space!

Jimmy Cricket front cover

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