Girl’s Got Rhythm

Girl’s Got Rhythm takes us on an urban journey with Morning Town Ride. Feel the emotional directness of Illumined. He Sits and Waits highlights the sadness of dementia.

See the homeless in Spilt Milk. The Silence of Emptiness expresses lovelorn loss.

Chill to the vampirical He Drinks Blood. Lamb and Hollyhock Noir revel in things of beauty.

A four-year-old speaks of injustice in not sorry yet.

There is humour, honesty, sunshine and sadness in this first collection of poetry.

‘Polly Stretton is a luminary of the Worcester literary community and her writing, whether prose, or poetry, is always worth listening to. Her poem of a tube ride on a sticky day with its onomatopoeia driven structure is very satisfying, whilst Across the Timeless River, “Five past six, light bright evening across the wrinkled river” does for the River Severn what Waterloo Sunset did for the Thames.’ Gary Longden (

The latest edition of Polly’s first collection ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ is available direct from Black Pear Press.

£7.00 +P&P

UK postage: btn_buynowCC_LG

Also available as an eBook: click here.

Chatterton Front Cover–Stretton

Chatterton was printed in a limited edition of 50 copies signed by the author, which soon sold out.

It is available as an eBook: click here.

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